Glory Days

The Glory Days series was created in 2012 as our first collaborative exploration of female fantasy. It is a series of 12 photographs portraying the delusions of fantastical sexual relationships for the female mind, involving only women. We felt that the irrational nature of fantasies is a concept easily understood by fellow women, and though some of our fantasies may involve male characters, they do not exist to serve men. For each archetypal scenario, we tried to mash together every detail we could think of into the image. The Red Riding Hood portrait, for example, combines the woods and Grandma’s bedroom, and further confuses the already gender-bent story of the drag-dressed wolf by putting the young girl in bed with him/her. It illustrates so many typical wrongs: a young girl and older guy, a young girl and bestiality, a young girl and an older woman, a young girl with a cross-dresser, a “Leg Avenue’” costume in grandma’s house, the potential for sex in a public (outdoor) place. We were particularly interested in exploiting the never-dying tradition of the “Leg Avenue” style cartooning of sexual fantasies. Costume culture provides us with pre-packaged, pre-imagined versions of what should be sexy- especially designed (in many cases) to help a woman know what is hot to a man. This is an easy thing to criminalize, but women can often be as turned on by the “Leg Avenue” fantasy version of themselves, or perhaps mostly for themselves.

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