Exalted 4-Ever Walk

commissioned by Jamilee Polson-Lacy for rises Zora
60 minute time-based walk/performance/picnic, 2013

In early 2013, The Charlotte Street Foundation asked us to plan a city walk in conjunction with rises Zora, an exhibition exploring Kansas City as an urban labyrinth (guest curated by Jamilee Polson Lacy). It became a sprawling, elaborate endeavor, involving 55 assistants and 30 participants. This piece was a collaborative effort with Ghyman Johnson. The walk consisted of 3 paths, one lead by Ghyman, one lead by Leone, and one lead by Megan, meeting at a final center point. Each path was walked by 10 blindfolded participants lead by “seers” who were completely shrouded except for the eyes. Participants had to pre-register through Charlotte Street and received packets with a cape, custom-made enamel pin, their starting point directions, and make up instructions. Each walk encountered an ‘oracle’, an ‘omen’ and specially planned sound elements as the journey progressed.

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