Ecstasy Face

Digital print mounted on gator board,
5 ft x 7 ft, 2014
(Thank you to Kevin Schowengerdt, Drew Bolton, Chelsea Huff & Lee Heinemann)

This piece was made in response to an open call for a juried exhibition themed around the word “Divine.” We chose to portray two literally divine females from religious history: Mary Magdalene and St. Teresa. Mary is often stuck with a tarnished reputation, rumored to have possibly been the wife of Jesus, or a redeemed prostitute. Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa is arguably one of the most erotically charged depictions of a female religious figure in history. Her expression is a brilliant portrait of how a woman turns inward, entering a private mental space to revel in pleasure. The sexuality of these women made them prime candidates to represent the Divine in religious reference, but also as females famously in touch with ecstasy. We also couldn’t help but play off of what is considered Divine in today’s sexual ideal- photoshopped bodies, Gisele-esque beauty ala slick Vogue fashion spreads…

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